Oral Irrigator

Powerful water jet from this oral irrigator. Deeply cleans and does not injure gums compared to traditional flossing.
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Brushing your teeth effectively cleans the front, back and chewing surfaces but how do you clean between your teeth? By using dental floss prior to brushing your teeth? Correct!

However, dental flossing is no longer the only way to get rid of that dirt between your teeth. Our dental team once more came up with a revolutionary device, an oral irrigator, a device with a small nozzle which shoots a water jet in order to remove debris and plaque on and around the teeth. Dental specialist are unanimous that oral irrigators are better than traditional flossing as they reduce bleeding and gingivitis.

Deep Cleaning

Adequate water pressure, from 40 to 90 PSI with 1400 pulses per minute. Powerful but gentle enough to not cause any bleeding or gingivitis

4 Types of Nozzle

Different nozzles to thoroughly clean the mouth. Effective in removing bacteria between the teeth, bridges, braces, orthodontic wires...

3 Cleaning Modes

2 different modes suitable for novice or experienced users. 1 pulse mode to massage and stimulate the gums

Rechargeable & Waterproof

A full charge typically last for 2 weeks of regular brushing once fully charged. The oral irrigator is also IPX7 certified allowing you to easily clean it

4 Different Nozzles


  • Remove bacteria between teeth and below gum line


  • Clean between teeth under bridges, around braces, orthodontic wires and brackets

Pocket Tip

  • Low pressure jet for therapeutic rinses below gum line

Tongue Scrapper

  • Removes bacteria, food debris and dead cells from tongue surface

Package Contents

  • Oral Irrigator
  • 2 * Standard Tips
  • 1 * Pocket Tip
  • 1 * Orthodontic Tip
  • Inductive Charging Base
  • User Manual

I do not hurt my gums with floss anymore, thanks to this device

Judith- New York

It came quickly. Everything works fine as advertised.

Deborah - New York

Wow, I was very surprised, it has the stregth required to effectively clean.

Elsa - New York