Facial Pore Vacuum

Improved suction to effectively remove dirt from clogged pores. Painless and leaves your skin without any inflammations.
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Just as the name suggest the facial pore vacuum intends to remove all these blackheads, whiteheads or dirt from your pores with its powerful suction action. Used by several satisfied customers, this new design has a more powerful motor providing better suction and removing all of that dirt clogging your pores. Unclogging pores also means boosting collagen and elastin production, beneficial in younger and firmer skin. Forget traditional methods when it comes to blackhead removal, this device and pain free, quick and easy.   Made from reliable and safe materials, our facial pore vacuum can be used on any skin types without any irritations.

Deep Exfoliation

Suck out blackheads, whiteheads or dirt without irritation or redness

6 Suction Heads

Carefully engineered suction heads to achieve different results on different skin types

3 Modes

3 different modes for dry skin, normal skin and oily skin. Efficiently clean any skin type

Upgraded Motor

Powerful new motor to provide the required strength to suck out all this dirt

How to use?

  • Use a facial steamer or a hot towel for 3-5 minutes on face to open up pores 
  • Choose desired head and suction level (start with the lowest setting) 
  • Move device sideways and do not stay in the same position for too long to avoid red marks 
  • Clean face with cold water and dry with towel 

Six Suction Heads

  • Oval Head (used to reduce wrinkles)
  • Mini Round Head (suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Round Head (suitable for all skin types)
  • Small Round Head (suitable for sensitive skin & sensitive areas)
  • Middle Round Head (used for oily skin, to suck out blackhead & acne)
  • Big Round Head (suitable to remove blackhead & lift skin)

Package Contents

  • Facial Pore Vacuum
  • 6 Suction Heads
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

It took away all the blackeads in my nose ! I'm so satisfied

Barbara - New York

Suction power is good, there are 3 modes.

Diedre - New York

The device is exactly as pictured. came very well packed. 

Sharon - New York