Eye Massager

Massage acupuncture points to relieve stress while preventing panda eyes and recover from eye strains.
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Lux By Her

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Our eye massager combines high frequency vibrations couple with strong air pressure to replicate presses on acupuncture points. Carefully, engineered to mimic experts massaging areas such as the temple. Temple soreness is a signal of brain fatigue. Our device effectively helps in relaxing and massaging your temple to increase your productivity.

Increased hours spent in front of a screen often result in eye fatigue, soreness and dark circles. Our device couples high frequency vibration and air pressure together with heat to act as a compress around the eyes to relieve the eyes of fatigue. This also allows better circulation and keeps the eye healthy. Forget panda eyes, be more productive and protect your eyes from constant exposure to the screen.

Intelligent Air Pressure Kneading

Combines science and acupuncture pressure points to provide exceptional massage. Effective against eye fatigue, temple soreness and dark circles 

Built-In Bluetooth

Upgraded model is built in Bluetooth speakers. Complement your massage session with your meditation music to have an ultimate experience

Hot Compress

Hot compress up to 42°C paired with 60-80 high frequency vibration massage. Perfect to keep the eye healthy whilst increase circulation and relieving eye fatigue

Rechargeable Battery

Built in powerful rechargeable battery. Convenient and portable. Easily have a massage anywhere and anytime be it during your working hours or after

How to use?

  • Please remove contact lenses before usage
  • Connect phone via Bluetooth for music functionality
  • Choose from 5 different modes and begin massage by placing device over eyes

Package Contents

  • Eye Massager
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

I am so impressed with this, love how it relieves my stress & headache

Genoveva - New York

Good product and seems built with quality and with good material

Susan - New York

Very relaxing

Robin - New York