Derma Roller

Achieve better skin strength, elasticity and suppleness through micro punctures which helps in skin regeneration.
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Micro needling is a procedure where tiny invisible punctures are made on the skin, which acts as a catalyst to improve skin regeneration and healing. This tends to improved skin strength, elasticity and suppleness. Our derma roller has 192 micro needles which is a perfect balance to provide a pain free experience. Available in different needles lengths we recommended 0.25mm for beginners for a non invasive experience. Great to improve the absorption rate of skin care products and provide better results, we have found that our derma roller helps to improve absorption by over 500%.

Better Skin Tone

Improves skin by boosting production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a glowing skin 


Can be used on sensitive areas of the face such as under the eyes, lips, nose or even other areas of the body

Hair Growth

Helps with hair growth and combat baldness. Also suitable for men looking to induce better beard growth


Also acts as deep exfoliating device and helps in shrinking pores 


Needles are made from premium high quality titanium. Safe and pain free 

How to use?

  • Disinfect derma roller with an alcohol solution for 15 mins. Then rinse device with warm water
  • Clean your face and dry excess moisture 
  • Use device on required body part and roll for 15-20 times 
  • Complete skin care routine by applying any topical skin care products you usually do 
  • Disinfect derma roller once more with alcohol solution, rinse with warm water and dry 

Package Contents

  • Derma Roller
  • Carrying Case

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