Cryotherapy Face Massager

Drastically improve absorption of your routine skin care through cryotherapy. A combination of hot and cold temperatures for better skin nourishment.
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Heard of cryotherapy? Maybe in Sci-Fi movies where people wants to preserve their body in extreme temperatures to be revived in the future. Unfortunately we have not reached this technology but here at Lux By Her our experts have developed a new device that aims to drastically increase the absorption rate of your daily skin care routines. The skin itself is not able to take in all of the products that you apply and a lot of it is wasted. Hence, our team was able to provide better skin nourishment through the use of cryotherapy technology where hot & cold temperatures are used to open and close pores to provide optimal absorption of your skincare and results faster that it would usually take. Our cryotherapy face massager is able to produce temperatures of 5 to 45 degrees Celsius. A wide range of other advantages comes with this device, from better blood circulation to reducing wrinkles. Our team has also included, a red light option which helps in skin whitening and a blue light which is beneficial to combat wrinkles.

Cold (5-10°C)

Perfect to shrink pores and improve coarse pores. Also able to boost collagen and reduce wrinkles. Effective in reducing skin sensitivity and redness


Convenient for lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation & detoxing

Hot (40-45°C)

Effective in relieving pain and soreness. Able to improve blood circulation while providing a better absorption rate for skin care products

Increase absorption

See improvements in daily skin care routine results as cryotherapy treatment is proven to enhance absorption of topical products and keep the face moisturized

How to use?

  • Start by cleaning your face with your usual scrubber or exfoliating product
  • Set device on hot mode and apply your usual skin care on the base of the device. Massage the required area to make cream penetrate into the skin. The heat will help shrink pores
  • After complete absorption of cream, set device on cold mode + vibration. Massage area for 10-15 mins to complete treatment

Package Contents

  • Cryotherapy Face Massager
  • Power Adapter
  • Manual

It's exactly what I thought it would be and delivery was pretty quick too 

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It arrived much earlier than expected. Product looks nice and it works well! 

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