Lifting V-Face Massager

For those who want to achieve a V-shape contour of your face look no further. Also provides relaxing massage coupled with micro currents.
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Through the extensive study of traditional Chinese massage techniques of Gua Sha combined with our expertise, our team has developed the lifting v-face massager. While providing similar benefits as to Gua Sha such as relieving muscle tension, boosting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage our design and features further helps to achieve a V-shaped face contour and provides a lifting effect.

A combination of EMS micro current and red and blue light helps to achieve unbelievable results from the comfort of your home without any pain or surgical interventions. Red and blue light is beneficial in boosting collagen production and reducing irritation.

V-face Shape in no Time

4 massage heads delivering 6 different modes of massage and varying through 12 different intensities coupled with micro current massage ensures a V-shape face in no time

EMS Micro Current

Provides stimulation of the subcutaneous tissue which improves facial muscle elasticity, improve collagen production and makes the skin firmer

Red & Blue Light

Red light is beneficial to production of collagen, elastin regeneration and increase blood circulation. Blue light helps combat acne, shrink pores, reduce wrinkles and reduce irritation

How to use?

Clean face and remove any makeup with your usual skin care product. Choose required settings and use device for a recommended time of 10 minutes. Use daily to get that V-shape face you have been dreaming of in no time.

Package Contents

  • Lifting V-Face Massager
  • Remote Control
  • USB Cable
  • Manual

Vibration massage is very comfortable.

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